Give the Gift of Apples
A Great Gift for the entire Family!
Healthy - Delicious - Crispy

Varieties to Ship:

     Red Delicious
     Golden Delicious
     Fuji, Granny Smith
     Mixed Red and Golden Delicious
     Call for special order

Size of Packages:                           
     Peck (1 LTP - approx. 20 apples)         
     1/2 Bu. (2 LTP - Approx. 40 apples)         
     - Add $1.00 to price if you order Mixed Red and Golden Delicious
     - All prices include shipping and handling in the Continental US

Necessary Information to Ship:
     From:     Name, Address, City, State, Zip,
          and Phone Number
     To:     Name, Address, City State, and Zip
Package Size to Ship: (Peck, 1/2 Bu.)
When to Ship: (ASAP or Christmas)
Check for the correct amount must accompany the order
     Or phone in with Mastercard or Visa


How to send:

Call:      Peace Valley Orchards
          (330) 426-9695
        Send:     Information and Check to:
          Peace Valley Orchards
          5667 Adams Road
          Rogers, OH,  44455-9707
1 Layer Tray Pack
Golden Delicious
2 Layer Tray Pack
Mixed Red & Gold
1 Layer Tray Pack
Red Delicious
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