Way back in 1948 Daniel J. Simmons with his wife Anna and three sons, Dan, Don, and Ralph bought a  117-acre orchard that had been abandon for three years.
     Daniel E. Simmons, the oldest son had just graduated from Penn State, with a degree in horticulture (apple trees).
     They worked long hours and many seven-day weeks to get the orchard in good growing order. Their hard work paid off. They were able to bring in a profitable crop that fall and they never looked back. Over the next twenty years they purchased several surrounding farms, as the neighbors grew older and retired.
     Now the orchard is comprised of 300 acres of ground. Apples are grown on 235 of those acres, with 15 acres of Peaches, 1 acres of Pears, 1 acre of Plums, and 2 acres of Nectarines. The rest of the orchard is woodland.
     Few visible changes have happened to the orchard since those early days of picturesque beauty, with the long rows of well manicured trees, mowed as if it were a park. The long winding drive, back into the heart of the orchard, where the retail market is located, the friendly smiles of the Simmons family as they talk to you and get for you any of the more than 30 different types of apples and peaches that we grow.
     However many changes have taken place behind the scenes. The Orchard is now owned and operated by three of Daniel E. Simmons' children and their families. Third generation fruit growers: Paul Simmons, Daniel (Dano) Simmons Jr., and  Carol Simmons Day.
     Paul Simmons is the orchard manager; this includes the pruning, harvesting, and care and

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