Daniel E. Simmons Jr.(Dano) runs the coolers, packing plant, and all of the wholesale sales.
     Carol Simmons Day manages the retail market, She is the first smiling face that you will see when you come out to the farm.

     Our family has been growing apples here for over fifty years and three generations.

     We have also made many behind the scenes technological advancements to the orchard. We have five wind machines to aid in frost protection in the spring. We even have a  anti hail cannon that can stop hail from falling on the orchard. The new trees that we are planting are dwarf trees (they only grow 8 ft. tall). We have controlled atmosphere storage (oxygen is reduced from 21% to 2%) that keep the apples , tree fresh, all year long. We have a computer controlled grading line to grade and clean the apples.

     All of this, combined with the five apples that we have patented, The all new "Dandee Red",the"Buckeye Gala", the "Golden Glory" (Golden Delicious), the "Law Spur Rome", and the "Starks Spur Rome", are all waiting for you to come and visit us.

     Don't be shy, come on out and say hello. Take a free hayride in September and October. We are open from July till the first of May. Check out all of our activities, (hayrides, petting zoo, dumpling barn, tours, open house) and all of the different kind of apples that we have. We will even ship apples anywhere in the continental U.S.

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